Introducing ALLO. The Smarter Phone Mount.

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The Allo is the world’s first all-in-one bike mount and speaker that gives riders a safe way to access their smartphones while biking. It’s a safer, easier and more convenient alternative to using earbuds or holding the phone with your hand. Whether you want to listen to music, talk on the phone, use navigation features or any app you want, the Allo puts everything at your fingertips without endangering yourself or others.

Features of the Allo


  • Enjoy full access to your phone while riding safe. Listen to music, talk on the phone, use navigation or any app on your phone! It’s easy and safe with the Allo.
  • Hardened plastic protects your phone from scratches, scrapes and other damage in case of an accident.
  • Avoid bike accidents due to fumbling for your earbuds or using one hand to hold your phone.
  • The speaker/case piece can be easily removed from the mount with the pull of a tab, so that it can be taken with you on foot and used in the car or at home.
  • Don’t get a ticket for wearing earbuds on your bike! The Allo’s case/speaker allows you to play music without breaking the law or risking your safety!
  • No special adapter needed! The 3.5 mm jack plugs right into your phone’s headphone jack.
  • Quickly adjust the angle of the Allo using the quick release for the best viewing angle.
  • Quick and easy set up for all handlebar sizes.
  • Fits iPhone 5/5s.

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